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Terms of Delivery

Please note, that the situation is subject to constant change - all information can be short term outdated. New information will be displayed here.

03/17/2020, 10 a.m.

Caelo relies on an emergency plan - Priority: Supply of the market with recipe raw materials.

Due to the pandemic, caused by Covid-19, Caelo is working according to an emergency plan since March 16th, 2020. Securing a broad patient care with pharmaceutical and prescription raw materials as well as disinfectants is our highest priority.

  • To unsure that - also under the current dynamic of the development and the lack of predictability (e. g. closing of schools and the impact on our employees) - the Caesar & Loretz GmbH is not able to give binding statements on delivery dates as well as on the availability of products.
  • Orders already received which are classified as important will be processed within the scope of the possibilities of our emergency plan.
  • Delivery delays are generally to be expected.
  • Currently we are supplying the market to the best of our ability through the fully supplying pharmaceutical wholesale. Kindly, we ask all our pharmacy customers to contact the pharmaceutical wholesale for new orders during the pandemic.
  • Currently, it is very difficult to reach us via telephone. To avoid waiting period, please write us an email: info@caelo.de.
  • In order to focus on our production, the offer of our broad product range will be limited.

Thank you for your understanding in this exceptional Situation.

03/11/2020, 10 a.m.

Supply bottleneck in raw materials caused by Corona

  • Until now we do not have cancelations from our suppliers. Due to generally accessible information we are aware that cancelations can occur in the future. We do everything to stock up.

03/06/2020, 2 p.m.

  • The delivery to our direct customers is limited due to the high order intake for disinfectants and their raw materials. Delays can not be avoided.
  • Regularly, we supply the pharmaceutical wholesale with almost all of our products.
  • We stockpile the pharmaceutical wholesale with Isopropanol 70 Biocide (PZN 12725197, Art. Nr. 7844) to the best of our ability.

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