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A sensitive area such as contract manufacturing and filling of pharmaceuticals and cosmetic products thrives when combined with experience, trustworthiness and reliability. Every day, quality standards need to be met and controlled and products as well as raw materials have to be delivered on time. Plus, a strictly confidential way of handling company data has to be ensured.

Thanks to our more than 135 years in the business, we possess a high degree of comprehensive know-how and secure process management. Tradition and innovation are second nature at Caelo.

The name Caelo stands for 

  • Quality of products and services. 
  • Competence steadily built up over the course of the last 135 years and now used as a tool for creating the future. 
  • Safety guaranteed by quality standards of the highest level and confirmed by regular audits.

Partnership and team work are key factors here. This defines our own sense of self-understanding as not only being a reliable manufacturer and supplier to you but also a co-designer and provider of ideas. Contact us to find out how we can help you in your quest to conquer new potentials and business areas or if you are simply interested in getting to know the advantages of contract manufacturing and on-time delivery of raw materials.


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