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Production Benefits

What constitutes competitive advantage in today's pharmaceutical and cosmetic production industry? Some say "We have to be faster!" Others think "We have to be cheaper!" Still others are convinced: "We have to concentrate on our core business." Everyone would agree that there is truth in all of these statements, but we still have to be able to offer the customer a wide range of products ‑ with a consistently high quality.

We can offer you all of these advantages. Our contract manufacturing enables you to remain flexible, streamlined and fast. And our permanent supply of raw materials and customized packaging solutions make sure your products get delivered on time.

So you can enjoy the greatest possible freedom of choice while still feeling secure. With more than 135 years of experience, expert technical know-how, GMP-certified processes and our own strict quality management system, you can rely on us with confidence ‑ every step of the way.


  • speed
  • cost awareness
  • focus
  • variety
  • quality


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