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About Caelo

Caelo is a long-established company that has achieved a leading position in the industry as a supplier of pharmaceutical raw materials. In addition to the packaging and delivery of active ingredients (API), narcotics, chemicals and galenicals, Caelo is a manufacturer of ointments, ointment bases, oils, drug mixtures and tea blends. Both under its own name and also on behalf of the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industry.

The company’s headquarters is located in Hilden (approx. 16,750 sqm), with an additional production site (approx. 3500 sqm) in Bonn. A total of 250 people are employed across both locations. Caelo has manufacturing authorisation in accordance with § 13 German Medicinal Products Act, and both locations hold a current GMP certificate . All active ingredients and auxiliary materials are tested at in-house or qualified external laboratories. Batch-related certificates of analysis, in-house test instructions and safety data sheets are provided for these products.

At Caelo, we have always maintained a degree of tradition to go with all the technical developments and changes in over 135 years of company history.
We not only see ourselves as a reliable manufacturer and supplier, but also play a key role when it comes to creating new opportunities and potential for our customers. Manual, semi and fully automatic systems allow us to offer tailored solutions – from the pilot batch to large volumes. Our customers range from pharmacies, clinics and industries to pharmaceutical companies and start-ups.

The foundations of a successful working relationship are mutual trust and an understanding of the client’s individual requirements. It’s all the more important to have a reliable partner that has always stood for high-quality products in a sensitive industry and that has strict quality assurance criteria.

  • At in-house or qualified external laboratories, we test the quality characteristics of all our products, e.g. identity, purity and content.
  • Workflows and procedures are subject to strict quality assurance regulations and documented point by point.
  • This is also the case for our suppliers who are continually monitored by the Caelo supplier evaluation system.
  • In addition, we have specific tests, such as microbiological analyses, performed by officially accredited testing laboratories.
  • This ensures that we meet all legal requirements (e.g. Ordinance on the Operation of Pharmacies, Medicinal Products and Active Substances Manufacturing Ordinance, Medicines Law, EU GMP guidelines, national and international pharmacopoeias) as well as our own quality standards, which are even more stringent.


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