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Range of Service

Some things just make work easier. For example, getting your raw materials and/or OTC products from one source - only having to deal with one reliable supplier. One partner who is able to manufacture, package and deliver everything - liquid preparations, ointments and powders - with their contract manufacturing. A company steeped in tradition and with decades of expertise in the production of teas, medicinal oils, ointments, creams and traditional home remedies. The benefits for you are clear: less expense and more time, dedicated contact persons, reliable processes and on-time delivery.

As specialists in the delivery, manufacturing and packaging of chemical and pharmaceutical raw materials, medications and cosmetics, we are able to offer you a wide spectrum of both products and solutions.

Our Range of Services 

  • human pharmaceuticals 
  • medicinal products 
  • phytopharmaceuticals 
  • cosmetics 
  • food supplements 
  • chemical products for washing powder and cleaning agents 
  • chemical products for diagnostics


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