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Source of Supply

Our portfolio is made up of the entire alphabet of chemical substances, medicinal plants, oils and base materials for the production of pharmaceuticals as well as cosmetics. Our range of substances takes you from A as in Aloe to Z as in zinc oxide. We have more than 1.500 raw materials always ready and waiting to be delivered to you quickly and reliably. And always exactly when you need them. The clear advantage here is that you get to save on storage costs. And of course you always have the raw materials you need for your production, readily packaged and in mandatory GMP quality.

All substances and detailed information on them can be found in our Caelo List or here. Of course we would be happy to prepare an offer tailored to your individual needs, including quantity and packaging sizes. Please contact us using the details found here.

Our Selection of Raw Materials

  • pharmaceutical active agents
  • pharmaceutical excipients
  • narcotics
  • chemical substances and galenicals
  • semi-solid base materials
  • extracts and tinctures
  • essential and fatty oils
  • medicinal herbs

A complete English product overview can be downloaded here.


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