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Caesar & Loretz offers you an abundance of active agents (API) and excipients for the production of a wide range of products. Therefor we meet all legal requirements (AMG, EU GMP guidelines, national and international pharmacopoeia).


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Whether contract manufacturing, packaging of finished products or specialised packaging: Strategic partnerships lead to cost savings, expansion of product portfolio, buffer peaks in order numbers and optimisation of delivery times.

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Whether you need one package or 10.000 - our fully and semi-automatic filling machines can adapt to your specific needs. Even manual packaging is not something we shy away from.


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About Caelo

A company steeped in tradition for more than 135 years, Caelo holds a leading position as a supplier of pharmaceutical raw materials to pharmacies and hospitals. In addition to packaging and delivery of drugs, chemicals and galenicals, Caelo also manufactures its own ointments and ointment bases as well as drug and tea mixtures - under its own name and also on behalf of industry and traders.

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